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QUARAN-TUNES: Grammy Award winner Cedric Gervais debuts new set atop PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter

On May 29th, world-famous Grammy Award-winning French DJ CedricGervais played a set of his show atop PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, the 60-story landmark tower in the heart of Miami.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter

As Mental Health Awareness Month was coming to a close, Gervais debuted his new set, “Waking Up” in the 90-minute show. He created it to provide a spotlight on and offer hope to the front-line workers and the overall citizenry of the world that were enduring the COVID-19 quarantine. Gervais wanted to uplift those who were feeling distressed from the impact of social distancing measures that were implemented.

“The goal of the concert is to relay an urgent message that there is hope for those suffering with depression and mental health issues from this challenging time, and an opportunity to raise funds so that everyone has access to this essential care,” said TJ Sabo, Chief Creative Officer at PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter and the event’s organizer. “Society is facing an epic challenge and we must wake up to the reality that there will be lasting emotional and psychological traumatic stress. People are fearful of catching the virus, losing a loved one, losing their jobs and not being able to pay their bills. The burnout is real for many.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter

The concert was held in partnership with PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Miami), City of Miami Police Department, Participant Capital, and dance music label Armada Music. It was broadcasted on Instagram Live, Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.

“As the producer of REEL Minds Miami, the largest mental health lm festival in the U.S., we at NAMI have seen firsthand the power of music and lm in stimulating awareness and human connection that help promote good mental health,” said Kathryn Coppola, Executive Director of NAMI Miami. “With the cancellation of our lm festival due to COVID-19, we thank Cedric Gervais and PARAMOUNT Miami for bringing NAMI, Miami and the world together to celebrate the healing powers of music, community, resilience and support.”

“We are all so focused on the material impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our physical health and economy that it’s easy to neglect the profound psychological impact it has had on all of us,” said Jorge Colina, City of Miami Police Chief. “As our community members endure extended isolation and uncertainty, it’s important that we continue to send out positive messages of love and support.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter

“The concert’s message is to make sure people understand that a psychological reaction is normal and there are intervention support organizations like NAMI that o er assistance during this time and help educate people about the expected psychological impact and reactions to trauma. We want to make sure that people with acute issues like burnout and PTSD can nd the help that they need,” said Cedric Gervais. “PARAMOUNT was the perfect setting for the launch of ‘Waking Up.’ The tower is a beacon of light and hope.”

For additional information about NAMI and to support mental health awareness, please see

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