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Miriam was born and raised in Spain. Belonging to a business-oriented family, she started her career in 1995 based in Madrid. She graduated from Schiller International University in Tampa with a double bachelor's degree in International Business Administration and Marketing and MBA in Marketing and Sales. With more than 15 years of experience in brokerage and investments, she has been involved in several local and international sales transactions participating with big companies in the industry. Associated in 2004 with O'Connor Capital Partners based in New York, developing a 350-unit building in Madrid owned by leading communications group Telefonica and as CEO of Peserpa Real Estate with offices in Marbella and Madrid, Miriam is considered a real estate expert. Focused on the luxury real estate market and now based in Miami, Miriam continues to create strong business relationships with international clients. She has traveled worldwide successfully finding real estate investment opportunities for investors.

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